About me

My name is Sander, and I love to build furniture! Living in the Netherlands in the small town of Oeffelt! (Read more below the picture...)


Woodworking is my passion! I really love to build rivertables and small furniture and decorations with epoxy resin! Rivertables and epoxytables in general have something unique to them! I'm currently one of the few woodworkers living in the Netherlands who builds custom made, tailored to the wishes of the client, river tables.


How was this passion born? By YouTube! About 10 years ago I saw a video on YouTube in which a woodworker was making a rivertable, and I was sold! In this period of time rivertables weren't all that popular in the Netherlands. I decided to make my first rivertable a few days after watching that video, and I failed, I failed hard. About everything that could go wrong went wrong. Slowly but steady I started to watch more videos on building river tables and started to learn about epoxy, in general, what to do with it and more important, what NOT to do with it! Thesedays I know about everything there is to learn about epoxy and I can call myself an epoxy and river table specialist!

New passion!

Recently, I gained another big passion! I'm proud to call myself a YouTuber! On my (small, but growing) YouTube channel Fennah Woodworking I share DIY videos and videos of my builds! Help me grow, and  Subscribe to my channel by clicking here!



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