What is Epoxy?

Epoxy is a two-component plastic resin that is mixed in liquid form when used. Optionally, dyes or pigments can be added in the mixing process so that the epoxy gets a color or texture! The epoxy is then poured into, for example, the river from a table.

It is important that the object to be poured is waterproof, so that no epoxy leaks. Epoxy is very expensive and that would be a shame! After pouring, the epoxy hardens through a thermosetting reaction. By this I mean that the epoxy heats up when curing. During the curing process it is very important that you keep an eye on the temperature of both the chamber and the epoxy! If the room is too warm, the epoxy hardens too quickly, which can cause bubbles and cracks. If the room is too cold, the curing process takes a very long time.

The processing of epoxy

After curing, the epoxy can be processed. The processing of epoxy is roughly the same as that of wood. By this I mean that you can saw, sand, drill, etc. the epoxy, for example! For epoxy to shine, it must be sanded from low grit sandpaper to a high grit sandpaper. I myself sand epoxy from grit 120 to grit 3000. After this, the epoxy must be polished. In short, the processing of epoxy is a time consuming process. Together with the costs of purchasing the epoxy, you will find out that epoxy is very expensive, which is why products containing epoxy are also relatively expensive!


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