Colored epoxy

There are several ways to color epoxy. Of course, there is first of all the clear epoxy where no dyes have been added. You can also color epoxy with:

Metallic pigment powder

This powder provides a metallic color (2 shades of the same color, with a sparkle in it). This variant is not transparent.

Transparent color pigment

This liquid gives a transparent color to the epoxy, which you can see through. If you added more liquid, the color will become darker and less transparent.

Solid color pigment

This dye gives the epoxy a solid, opaque color. Usually black or white is chosen for this variant of colors.

Glow in the dark pigment

A very cool option is to color the epoxy with glow in the dark powder. This is often combined with a metallic color in the bottom layer and a transparent layer in the same color, usually green or blue, on top.

Cast-in objects

Casting objects in the epoxy is also very cool to see. An example is the river table that I made with the cast-in stones, shells and a glass fish so that the river of the table really looks like a river!

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  • Metallic Orange
    Metallic Orange

    One of the most fiery colors you can get for coloring epoxy.

  • Metallic Blue
    Metallic Blue

    Probably the most-used pigment for coloring epoxy.

  • Translucent Blue
    Translucent Blue

    Blue translucent epoxy dye

  • Metallic Red
    Metallic Red

    Beautiful colored epoxy pigment, especially for darker woods like walnut!

  • Metallic Grey
    Metallic Grey

    Like the 'steel' look? Than you have to get this colored pigment for your epoxy!

  • Metallic Light Green
    Metallic Light Green

    Beautiful and subtle color to add to your epoxy!

  • Solid White
    Solid White

    A great combination with darker colored woods.

  • Metallic White
    Metallic White

    This pigment to color your epoxy metallic white goes with any color if wood and gives it that 'fancy' look!

  • Metallic Green
    Metallic Green

    Great for darker species of wood like walnut!

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