Where do I sell my products?

You are well on the way to building up a stock! You have made some nice products and want to sell them?

Where do I sell my woodworking products? That is the next question. There are several platforms on which to sell your products, and they all have their advantages AND their disadvantages.

Below I list the most commonly used platforms to sell your woodworking products, and also describe their pros and cons.

You can also click further per platform for more information:

The first three platforms are platforms you can easily start on. They are free, posting articles is easy and you don't have to make an investment like setting up your own website.

Your own Facebook page

You can start selling your woodworking products on your own Facebook page. The disadvantage of this is that it often takes a long time before your page has followers and is liked. So it will take you some effort to get these followers. An advantage is that all followers of your page are interested in your products, because otherwise they would of course not follow your page. Another additional advantage is that offering your products is free.

Facebook groups / marketplace

Facebook groups are also a great way to advertise your products. You can look for groups in which you can offer your products. There are groups in which everyone can offer all his stuff (think of the I search / I have or marketplace groups) but even better are the groups in which only woodworking products are offered or, for example, only handmade products. An advantage is that the range is very large. Your products are offered to a large group of people. A disadvantage is that people in these groups like to sit in the front row for a dime. So you will not be able to ask for the main prize for your products! Read more about Facebook groups / marketplace ...


Etsy is an online sales platform where you can sell your handmade products to people all over the world! Learn more about Etsy ...

Your own webshop

One of the most time-consuming, but the nicest ways of selling your woodworking products is selling through your own web store. Read more about starting your own webshop ...


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