In the meantime I have become very adept at working with epoxy. I myself use epoxy for making river tables, tree trunk tables, serving boards and coasters, the possibilities are endless! The epoxy itself can be colored in different ways! Would you like to know more about the possibilities that epoxy offers? Then read on below!

Filling cracks in the wood

I started using epoxy to fill cracks in wood parts. You can strengthen cracked wood by filling the cavities with the liquid epoxy resin which, once hardened, is super strong and strengthens the wood. You can also fill other cavities, such as knots, with the epoxy to strengthen it.

The world of epoxy!

After this I started experimenting with epoxy! Doubtfully I decided to make my first river table! A river table is a table with two wooden parts separated by a 'river' of epoxy resin! Of course I learned some lessons from my first table! Casting epoxy resin is a true art in itself. The 2-component resin must first be mixed in the right proportion, poured at the right temperature, and the room must be dust-free! It is also important to calculate the correct volume. Epoxy resin is very expensive! It's a shame if you mix too much!

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